The Nobel Prizes: A Tradition of Excellence

by  Jeya Chelliah BVSc Ph.D.

Every year, the world turns its attention to the Nobel Prizes, a set of six prestigious awards that recognize outstanding contributions in various fields. These prizes are awarded for achievements in physiology or medicine, physics, chemistry, economic science, literature, and peace work. Among these, the Nobel Peace Prize often garners the most attention due to the significant impact and influence of its nominees.

The process of nominating and selecting laureates for the Nobel Peace Prize is shrouded in confidentiality. The names of both the nominators and the nominees remain a closely guarded secret and are not revealed until 50 years have passed. Only individuals or organizations nominated by qualified individuals are considered eligible for the prize, and self-nominations are disregarded.

Nobel Prize Nomination Process

Upon being chosen, Nobel Prize laureates are presented with a Nobel Prize diploma, a medal, and a document that specifies the prize amount. For this year, the prize amount is set at 11 million Swedish krona, which is approximately $989,000 based on current exchange rates.

The responsibility of selecting the Nobel Peace Prize laureates lies with the Norwegian Nobel Committee. This committee consists of five members appointed by the Storting, the Norwegian parliament. Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, which are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, the Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Oslo, Norway.

The deadline for nominations is strict, set at 12 midnight CET on January 31st. Nominations received after this deadline are typically considered for the following year. However, members of the Nobel Committee have the privilege of submitting their nominations as late as the first committee meeting after the deadline.

The world eagerly awaits the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners. Starting from Monday, Oct. 2, one prize will be announced daily until Oct. 9, between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. Eastern time. These announcements are made in both Stockholm and Oslo and are broadcasted live on the Nobel Prize’s official digital channels.

nobelprize.org – Nomination and selection of Nobel Peace Prize laureates


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