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eScience has published our weekly eNewsletter for more 10 years without any sponsorship or outside support. It has always been our position that financial assistance of any kind from the Life Science Industry would affect the perception of our work as completely impartial. The eNewsletter is the work of our founder, Jeya Chelliah, recipient of a Ph.D. from the University of London (Kings’College London) and the author of several research papers published in respected scientific journals.
The goal of this eNewsletter has always been to keep Scientists informed on the latest news in technology and the availability of grants outside the NIH and NSF. We consolidated this information into an easy-to-read eNewsletter delivered to your inbox every Monday. This service has saved Scientists the hundreds of hours necessary to search out that information independently. As a result it has allowed you, our readers, to focus more closely on what you do best, scientific research. Although we have always published this weekly newsletter with very limited resources, we plan to enhance our services to better meet the needs of our readers in the coming year and beyond.  To subscribe to our eNewsletterPlease  click here
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About eScience Info’s Newsletter This is a free weekly eNewsletter for Life Science Scientists. eScienceInfo has established itself as the leading provider of up-to-the-minute information for Scientists. Now, we’re enhancing our services to better meet the needs of our readers. For years we’ve searched out the latest grants available and consolidated the information into one easy-to-read e-newsletter. Then we delivered it right to your inbox to save you the hundreds of hours that it would take to search out that information yourself.
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